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Mom-Pharmacist formulated, Willa contains all the good stuff – and none of the bad – when it comes to hydration!

E-Commerce Build

Creating a custom Shopify site for Willa started with the creation of fun brand assets and packaging – that not only spoke to parents, but also appealed to kids. From there, the Knack team built upon the same theme to draft powerful messaging and create eye-catching graphics that would convert viewers to buyers.

willa hydration branding - Knack Marketing serving Geneva Illinois, Tampa Florida, website design, e-commerce development

Logo + Branding

Creating a brand that was not only fun, but also informative was important to both Willa and Knack. By incorporating a monster that “scares away the bad stuff” commonly found in hydration, Knack added a playful element that both kids and parents can appreciate.​

willa hydration packaging - Knack Marketing, Packaging Design, Tampa Florida, Chicago Illinois


Getting all the right elements on a package can be tricky! From necessary nutritional information and directions to important brand messaging and fun graphics, Knack was able to create a package that is not only attractive, but also informative.​

willa hydration event tent - Knack Marketing - Brand Collateral - Website Designer

Event Assets

When launching a new food or drink product, Knack knows it’s essential for brands to attend events and bootstrap their growth. Having creative event assets, like the tent Knack designed, opens the opportunity for Willa to welcome new customers to explore their brand mission and try their products.​

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