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Knack Marketing has a complete team of specialists in a variety of marketing areas - from graphic design to sales strategy, and everything in between. Additionally our experience in both B2B and B2C industries, means we can help most businesses relying on time-tested strategies - which is why we developed our Intensives program. Your business will have full access to our teams so that you can benefit from the experience, skills, and knowledge we'll bring to YOUR business.
Spend a half day with us and we're confident you'll have peace of mind knowing your initiatives are expertly executed to grow your business.

Website Intensive

An expedited experience that cuts out the waiting game and allows you to work one-on-one with our design team to tackle your design wishlist! We’ll start with a 15-minute call to discuss action items we’ll be implementing and give any recommendations we have. The website edits will be completed and handed over to you the following day. 

This is not meant for an entire website build.

Content Updates

Let us add new photos, messaging, forms, new links or calls to action. 

SEO + GSC Connection

Our team will formulate an SEO strategy with alt tags and keywords.


You have spent a lot of time and money to acquire potential clients to visit your website, setting up a retargeting campaign will keep your company in front of them.

Google Search

Connect your website to Google Search Console and/or Google Analytics to start tracking your website visitors, their behavior, and generate better SEO.

Portfolio Projects

We can upload new portfolio projects or case studies to showcase your work and services.

Email Marketing

Let Knack connect your email marketing platform with your website to capture new leads.


Business cards, flyers, branded social media intros and outros, all the things that you need to keep a consistent brand message.

Ad Designs

Our team can create a template for your upcoming digital or print ads in an easy to update format for your team to recycle content.

Canva Templates

From Pinterest ads to branded presentation decks, a Canva template can save your team from the headaches of recreating the wheel each time.

Email Signatures

A consistent brand message at the bottom of the communication your use every day, your emails, keeps your brand at the forefront.

creative & design

Is your to-do list filled with design projects? From one page flyers to print advertisements and social media templates to business cards, our team can assist with this and so much more!  

Spending a half day intensive with our team can cross so many items off your list.

Overall strategy Intensive

As you are running your business day-to-day, its hard to oversee a strategy for growth. Our team can evaluate your current initiatives, softwares, and processes to find ways to improve workflows, build automations and plan for growth.

Social Media Strategy

Let the Knack Marketing team help you put together a strategy to get in front of your dream clients. 

Platform Strategy

Which website platform is the best for your day-to-day needs. We will help you land on the best platform and strategize a plan to transition.

Digital Audit

Is your website not performing well? Are your conversions going down? We can analyze your current analytics and make a strategy for how to keep people engaged with your content.

Market Research

Are you trying to break into a new industry? Let’s dive into the market to see what marketing initiatives will give you the best results based on the industry.

Data Insights

Analyzing your existing metrics and data can uncover time-saving workflows and efficiencies. 

Content Strategy

Creating targeted content and messaging with segmented customer audiences can deliver must higher open rates and increased engagement for your potential clients.

Catalog Connections

Now that your products have been loaded to your Shopify catalog, let’s get that catalog connected to all the additional sales channels. Meta/Facebook/Instagram, Pinterest, Google, Etsy, Amazon, etc.

Website Content

Updating content, adding Photos, new messaging, adding new links or calls to action. Uploading new projects or case studies.

New Product Templates

Looking to add a pre-sale option or coming soon product template? Templates can help segment your catalog to speak to the proper audience.

Email Marketing

Connect your email marketing platform with your website newsletter capture, or utilize Shopify’s native email marketing system.

Shopify Intensive

Spend a day with the Knack Marketing team to customize your Shopify website.

Showcase projects, build out new product templates, create a landing page for services and connect to additional sales opportunities with your current catalog.


Whether your business utilizes Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Flodesk or Shopify, our team will create funnels and automations for segmented customer lists.

We can create design templates for your team to utilize, or your can hire our content team to craft monthly or bi-monthly newsletters.

Each email will always have strategy in mind, with increased open rates and strong calls-to-action that convert to site traffic and sales.


Let us do the tech work to connect your email sign up forms with your website and social channel, import customer lists and brand your account.

Template Creation

Our design team will create templates for your team to utilize and keep a consistent branded message with each email sent.

Monthly Newsletter

Our content team can draft monthly or bi-monthly newsletters (with your provided content) to keep your customers engaged.


Sales funnels and sequences for welcoming new customers, or those that abandon their cart are essential. We can assist in the set up of new email journeys to stay in front of clients and prospects .

Data Insights

What is an open rate? Is your Click Through Rate good? How can you make your metrics better – and convert to revenue? We analyze your metrics and pivot as needed.

Audience Segmentation

Are you sending the same email to all of your subscribers? Segment your lists by prospects, past customers, and trade partners, to get the most out of your emails.

Are you ready?

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