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clearwater beach brawl



Every year athletes eagerly await to compete in the Clearwater Beach Brawl!  This full day event features weightlifting and cardio workouts for individuals and teams right on the beach.  From swim events in Gulf of Mexico to running in the sand, athletes compete against one another in three different events throughout the day.  Knack was excited to build and maintain their website for the 2021 CBB!

Web Design

The Clearwater Beach Brawl has a lot of components.  From workouts for individuals to workouts for varying team levels, and organizing heat times and sponsors.  It is an event built over months, which also meant a website that was frequently changing.  Knack assisted the CBB team by being on the ready for changes and additions as the event got closer.  We knew that competitors would want to see real-time changes to their events, so we made adding information to the website a priority, in addition to making it mobile-friendly.

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